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Sustainability for Home Care

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Protecting the world and your surfaces

With 50% of consumers choosing products that are ‘better for the environment’ formulators must embrace sustainability and provide home, industrial and institutional care products that demonstrate both efficacy and a strong sustainability profile. (Kline)

From reducing water content to natural and biodegradable ingredients, Surfachem offers an extensive range of speciality household ingredients which can help you to reduce your environmental impact.


Product Highlight: EcoRemover®

EcoRemover®, from Surfachem, a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable blend of vegetable extracts and is a highly effective and versatile cleaning additive.

By utilising EcoRemover®, formulators can significantly reduce their impact on the environment whilst not compromising on performance.

Click here to find out more about EcoRemover®.

Sustainable formulations for a sustainable future

Our vegan multi-surface cleaner is part of our concentrated product range which focuses on the consumer using less water. Our surface cleaner formulation demonstrates exceptional performance, whilst also being vegan.

Water makes up nearly 90% of the volume of most surface cleaning products, so concentrated refills can create a vast reduction in terms of weight and bulk for distribution (Mintel). By reducing water content of formulations, transportation costs and the carbon footprint is significantly minimised.


Globally, there is a range of ‘claims’ and ‘certifications’ you can use for your formulations to highlight to the consumer that you are taking a step towards a more sustainable world.

The certifications and declarations we provide include:

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Thursday, 24 March 2022