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Sustainable Beauty for 2022

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2022 will see beauty brands placing focus beyond carbon neutral status to a new gold standard in sustainability, as conscious cosmetics consumption continues to rise. Certification and regulations will be key to eradicating misleading communications, whilst also creating a level playing field for brands.(Cosmetics Business, 2022)

Waterless Beauty

Waterless washing products which conserve water are set to trend as consumers reach for products such as shower-less hair care and shaving products that do not require the use of water. In addition to using less/no water during usage, more and more formulators are experimenting with innovative formats to reduce and remove water content.



One key trend expected to grow in popularity in 2022 is fermented beauty products, as consumers search for potent, natural ingredients that last longer. Big in Japan and Korean (as well as on key social media platforms such as TikTok around world), fermented ingredients can provide a host of functionality; including rheology modifying and active ingredients to repair the skin barrier.


The 2-Minute, Multifunctional Make-up Bag

Consumers are searching for quick and easy, low maintenance make-up looks and techniques to suit their busy lifestyles. The “two-minute make-up bag” is set to become popular as we start to return to the office and the ‘new normal’.

Products in this new era of make-up bag will concentrate on new, innovative beauty hacks that deliver effective performance with less time, effort and money!


Beauty Snacking

Beauty snacking, which emerged during lockdown, consists of small beauty boosts to evoke a positive mood, and enhance wellbeing - a bit like having a sugary snack to get through a slump.

From eye masks to a cooling facial spritz on a hot summer’s day, beauty snacks are the perfect way incorporate micro-beauty moments into our everyday lives.


Nature and the Ocean

As consumers aim to reconnect with nature, they are increasingly seeking the natural benefits of open water and outdoor spas.

Beauty products that bring nature closer to consumers in their homes, and replicate outdoor bathing are set to trend. Formulations based around ingredients like algae, seawater and coastal-foraged ingredients will also become more popular within the industry as consumers turn to local, seasonal, and wild-harvested ingredients that benefit both their skin and the environment.


We have witnessed an increase in fragrances inspired by the sea and the coast lines of the world. Here’s a snapshot of our coastal-inspired fragrance portfolio, from Givaudan.



Fast Forward to… 2035


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To request any ingredients, formulations or concept kits mentioned within this article, please email

Friday, 18 February 2022