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TEGOSOFT® LO MB - Mineral Oil Feel With Natural Origins

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TEGOSOFT® LO MB, from Evonik, is a net-zero emollient for everyday skincare and hair care applications.

This speciality ingredient is a natural alternative to mineral oil, is 100% vegetable-based from a renewable feedstock and is produced via Evonik's unique enzymatic esterification process. This carbon neutral solution offers a skin feel comparable to mineral oil, whilst enabling formulators to provide consumers with a more sustainable solution without sacrificing sensory benefits.


A Natural All-Rounder

Many formulators are choosing to switch to raw materials with a natural origin. Due to this, between 2017 and 2021, there has been a 35% decrease in European Personal Care product launches including mineral oil (Mintel, GNPD).


Formulation Benefits

Environmental Benefits


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Thursday, 07 April 2022