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Veganuary - Sustainability Spotlight

What is ‘Veganuary’?

Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and encouraged over half a million people worldwide to try vegan for January - with the aim of supporting people in carrying this on throughout the year. With more than 200 new vegan products and menus launched for last year’s Veganuary, its a great time take the pledge and drive change for 2020.


Vegan-certified products cannot be;

Clean ingredients

Here at Surfachem, we supply 100+ vegan compliant chemical ingredients across a range of market sectors, including Personal Care and Home Care.

How are vegan ingredients changing your formulations?


Here’s an example of some of our vegan ingredients

Ingredient Sector Function Supplier
Augeo® Crystal Household, Industrial and Institutional Care Solvent / Solvent Replacement Solvay
NEODOL™ 91-6 Household, Industrial and Institutional Care Surfactants-Nonionic Shell
PAIR2PHASE2 Personal Care and Cosmetics Emulsifier Schill & Seilacher
RHEANCE One Personal Care and Cosmetics Solubiliser / Surfactants-Nonionic Evonik
Sensomer™ CI-50 Personal Care and Cosmetics Conditioning Agent Lubrizol
Skinolance® Personal Care and Cosmetics Skincare Active Evonik
STEPAN-MILD® GCC Personal Care and Cosmetics Surfactants-Nonionic Stepan
XANTHAN GUM FFPC Personal Care and Cosmetics Rheology Modifier Junbungzlauer

For further information on our vegan Personal Care ingredients and Home care vegan ingredients, contact us at

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Thursday, 09 January 2020



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