Shell Chemicals

Shell Chemicals manufacture the petrochemical building blocks for many of the products we come into contact with every day. On behalf of Shell Chemicals, Surfachem distributes the NEODOL® series of alcohols and alcohol ethoxylates. NEODOL® is a global brand name, synonymous with high quality alcohols and ethoxylates. It also symbolises a depth of knowledge and experience gained in the market over more than 50 years. NEODOL® alcohols are high purity, high linearity primary alcohols. The ease of ethoxylation and sulphation by conventional means makes the derivatives suitable for a broad spectrum of surfactant applications including; agrochemical, chemical intermediaries, household, industrial and institutional care, leather and textiles, and vehicle care. NEODOL® alcohols are high purity, high linearity primary alcohols that typically contain 75-85% by weight normal alcohols. The odd and even numbered carbon chains of NEODOL® offer excellent properties across a range of application areas.

Product Functions

  • Surfactants-Nonionic