Kalident SP, from Kalichem, is a biomimetic hydroxyapatite and offers an original and innovative approach in tooth remineralisation, repairing of enamel microlesions and dental sensitivity reduction.

Product Description

    This speciality ingredient demonstrates unique compatibility with tooth enamel via a facilitated adhesion to the tooth surface. As an oral microbiota friendly ingredient, it is particularly suitable for the daily treatment of teeth and sensitive gingiva.

    This oral care active has an upgraded micronisation, excellent dispersibility and extremely smooth texture, all of which contribute to a fluid toothpaste.

    Key benefits include:

    •1st generation of biomimetic HAP (hydroxyapatite).

    •The only HAP in the market with same EDX (=Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy) pattern as physiological HAP.

    •Time controlled remineralisation

    •Caries prevention (passive protection)

    •Hypersensitivity reduction (covering tooth nerve)

    •Whitening (1 shade lighter)

    •Powder form and COSMOS approved

Chemical Description

  • Hydroxyapatite


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