Kalichem is an Italian company founded in 1980 by the Rastrelli family and has since built an extensive ecosystem with universities, international research institutes and the Italian national research council (NRC). Kalichem develops and produces innovative cosmetic specialties for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry, many having global patents. Their three key technology platforms include vegetable lipoaminoacids and lipopolypeptides, functionalised biomimetic hydroxyapatites as well as biotechnologies. The company has been awarded ECOVADIS Platinum. On behalf of Kalichem, Surfachem distributes a range of COSMOS / ECOCERT approved speciality ingredients.

Product Functions

  • AP / Deo
  • Conditioning Agent
  • Emollient
  • Emulsifier
  • Haircare Active
  • Skincare Active
  • Surfactants-Anionic
  • Surfactants-Nonionic