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Personal Care - Lab Tips & Tricks

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Lab Tips & Tricks

In this article, we unveil five essential tips and tricks to assist formulators in creating innovative and ground-breaking products tailored for the personal care industry.

1. Emulsion Preservation:

Emulsions containing Verstatil TBO or BOB at 1%w/w passed within 7 days with criteria A – reducing all bacteria to below 10 cpu.

2. Aerated Cream:

If a cream is aerated after homogenising, stir with overhead stirrer only at slow/medium speed. This will allow the air to be pushed to the top and create a less coagulated cream.

3. Body Wash Viscosity:

10% w/w BIO-TERGE® AS-40 HA SB, 10% w/w SURFAC® B50, 5% w/w Coco Glucoside, 1% w/w STEPAN-MILD® L3, and 1% Sensomer™ 10M, gives viscosity of >20,000cPs.

4. Low Temperature Clarity:

Stability results show that STEPAN-MILD® GCC MB at 0.75% increases clarity and stability of Rheo2Green1 surfactant systems when temperatures are below 15’C. Below 15’C Rheo2Green1 (>20% w/w) has a tendency to become cloudy.

5. Thickeners:

Glucamate™ CCO thickener added to water as the first step in a surfactant system with high shear will give better thickening results. Add surfactants after the thickener for optimum performance.

This is an article we developed as part of our Surf-it Summer 2023 magazine.

To find out more tips and tricks, and to access the full magazine itself, click here.

Friday, 21 July 2023