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The Rise of Men's Grooming

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Over recent years, there has been an increase in men taking a much more targeted approach to personal grooming than in the past. According to Happi, today's men are more comfortable with grooming and with looking good than in the past.

From our ‘InBetweener’ trend, exploring genderless beauty, to ‘Mindful Men’, those that want natural and sustainable products, there’s a variety of men’s care trends brands can tap into for this Summer and beyond.


Macho Retrofit

The Macho Retrofit man is an old-school gentleman in a modern world, who cherishes traditional grooming products but loves to improve them by adding new technologies and features. He looks for neo-vintage products that are inspired by barber rituals and shaving traditions, offering high-quality, efficacy, and authenticity. Classic with an edgy twist…

Hyper Nomad

Strength, energy, and willpower – the Hyper Nomad has got it all and knows what he wants. He is multitasking, active, and always on-the-go. He needs efficient products  that adapt to his active and outdoor lifestyle, making his life easier. He focusses on energy-boosting and uplifting ingredients, power and fast action claims, and multi-functional and convenient applications. This trend is all about high purpose, multifunctional and convenience…

Mindful Men

The Mindful Man is a health conscious and seeks to reconnect with nature. Mental and physical well-being play an important role in his life and he strives to achieve a healthier lifestyle benefitting his body, mind, and soul. He believes in the strengths of natural ingredients and looks, therefore, for clean and pure products. He expects brands to be transparent and to act eco-conscious and sustainable. Here there’s scope for new brands, as the emphasis is on what’s on the inside…


The InBetweener overcomes stereotypes and likes to adopt female skincare routines. Serums, masks, patches – he knows his way through multi-step regimes and is not shy of using make up. His appearance is important to him, and he wants to be sleek and on fleek. As the beauty industry embraces greater diversity, the lines between masculine and feminine products begin to blur, which is embraced by this young and modern man. Click here to find out more.

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Wednesday, 17 March 2021