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Protecting Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The outbreak of coronavirus has affected and will continue to affect many aspects of our lifestyles. At this time, staying at home is the new going out, so we need to support and protect ourselves.

Protecting Our Body


Hand moisturisers

The World Health Organisation has recommended we wash our hands regularly. However, with this, excessive hand washing and use of hand sanitisers will deplete the skin’s natural protective barrier. To prevent hands from becoming dry and sore, we recommend using hand moisturisers to combat the negative effects of frequent washing and increased usage of gels and sanitisers.

Multiuse Personal Care products

At this uncertain time of panic buying, finding your usual personal products isn’t always easy. Instead of having one product for one designated area, we recommend exploring multi-use products to treat your body. For example, a balm doesn’t have to just treat your lips - you can replenish your skin head-to-toe with a full body balm.

Protecting Our Mind


Home Spa kits

We all deserve time to breathe and relax, especially with the stress of having to adjust our lifestyles in such a short space of time. Home spa products can help support your mental well-being. There are a range of products that you can use to take some time out - face masks, deep conditioning hair masks, hand creams, foot scrubs etc. Using these as inspiration, we recommend taking a relaxing bath and enjoying the fragrance of a soothing candle / reed diffuser.

Protecting Our Home


Surface Care and Household Cleaners

Germs and bacteria can be spread in two ways - from person-to-person or by touching unclean equipment or surfaces (NHS). It’s great that we’re washing our hands more frequently, but what about the household surfaces we’re coming into contact with everyday? We recommend protecting your physical wellbeing by regularly cleaning surfaces and ensuring that they’re thoroughly dry post-cleaning to remove dampness and prevent the spread of germs. Biocidal products are the most effective for cleaning surfaces, however if unavailable, use soap to clean your household.

Surfachem Group | Monday, 23 March 2020



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